I am an avid reader


I am a reader and my whole family is readers,I encourage everyone to read.  Here are my five pictures that help tell why, sorry they date me.

dad reading to kids

My parents encouraged reading; some of that probably came from my grandfather who was a publisher.  My first fondest memories of reading are; when I was a child my parents especially my Dad would read to us each night.  All four of us kids had all the classics read to us, before we ever started school plus hundred of other books. We all also were all reading by the time we were 4 or 5. I contribute this to being read too on a regular bases. Because of where we lived we did not have a TV until I was about 12 because we had no TV reception so reading was our form of entertainment.


The Bookmobile would come up the Mountain every two weeks and we would go check out enough books to last us until it came back again.  The Bookmobile was a magical place full of brand new books to read.


Before Scholastic s were a popular way for schools to get books, Mom would send us kids around to the other rural residents to get book orders from them. Then Mom would all order books through the Scholastic book club.  We love the free books our family was then able to get.

serial books

I was reading all the series I could get my hands on The Little Colonel, Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Happy Hollisters, Donna Parker, Cherry Aims, Trixie Belden, and mini series like Mary Poppins, Heidi, Little Women, Narnia, Wizard of OZ and even now Harry Potter and Adult ones like Lord of the Rings and the Divergent series.  We had book cases full of books in about every type of books we could get our hands on.  My kids and all the daycare kids I took care of for the last 22 plus years have read them all plus thousand of others books too!  They are becoming a little worn from the years of use.


Even today all four of us kids, plus our kids and our extended families read.  We all share an Amazon account and share, discuss and review all types of books.  It has encouraged all of us to read a variety of books. I read Green Glass Sea by Ellen Klages about the first atomic bombs in New Mexico and would most likely of never read it if someone else had not downloaded and recommended it.  Reading is an important part of my life and have tried to encourage every child that has come into my life to read also.


Digital Citizenship


When I was a child, I grew up on a party line which was a phone line shared by others. We had six people on our line and the phone would ring differently for each family, we eventually dropped down to a two party line and then finally we had our own.  But when you were on a party line you were supper careful what you said because someone could be and usually was listening in, so unless you wanted everyone knowing your business you did not say anything that would be spread around.  Now days everything is put online with no or very few filters which to me is scary.  Total strangers can see so much information about anyone and numerous use this information to their advantage.

Digital citizenship should be encouraged and taught in school at a very young age so kids realize the dangers that are out there once they are online.  Some of the points that are at brought up are that it would be nice if everyone was allowed and or had access to the internet. That the internet is now widely used for buying and selling of goods, exchanging information, teaching and learning.  Because the internet has become so much a part of life, we need to follow and or learn simple etiquette for when we use the internet.  It is also necessary that the laws that apply to the internet are followed and everyone should know them and follow them.  Online bullying is another area of concern anyone who is being bullied should know how to report it. (Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship)

Dealing with Digital Cruelty

Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship

It would be nice if schools started in the younger classes and offered a class each year on digital privacy, what to say and not say, friends and so on.  Each year it could advance to take in what the older and older child need to know and learn.  What bullying is and signs to look for and to over all teach kids the proper way to use the internet safely, politely and in a respectable manner.  But I am sure they are to interested in teach how to take and pass a test to teach anything else that would be more useful throughout life.

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Innovative Learning




When looking at myself, am I an innovated learner?  I have always doing things by working outside the box.  I also think of myself as an innovated teacher, I like to do hands on things and involve all aspects of the learning process, hearing, seeing, touch, and taste.  When it comes to either learning or teaching I want it to be a wholesome experience for both the child and the teacher.  When everyone involved is engaged with the learning process I think everyone learns better.  The “Standard education system” while it works for some children, however a good portion of the children are left behind and their passions are never reached.  As schools passively teach the standard norm to kids how many lose the passion to learn that they had when they could play, explore and learn on their own.

So many kids who I had in daycare, during the 25 years I did it, have come back and said how much they learned from cooking, lego projects, board games and volcanos, to hiking around Toadstool park, to going to zoos, museums and historical sites.  I realize it was more my issues of wanting to keep active and “to be hands on with the kids than it was theirs” but either way they learned.

My favorite quotes from this week’s readings first from George Couros:  I listen and learn from different perspectives, because I know we are much better together than we could ever be alone. I can learn from anyone and any situation (Couros, 2015). The mind set of an Innovator

I also enjoyed The Steep “Unlearning Curve”. I have always worked outside of the box and wanted kids to figure things out, either working together or by themselves, encouraging them to go places and do things.  I liked so many of the ideas Richardson had in the Steep “Unlearning Curve”.  The best idea was “We need to unlearn the premise that real change can happen just by rethinking what happens inside the school walls and understand that education is now a community undertaking on many different levels.” The steep “Unlearning Curve”  We can always unlearn something as we go along and relearn also.  I have unlearned and relearned things thousands of times in my life time and I am sure I will continue to the rest of my life. “9 Elephants in the Classroom That Should Unsettle Us” had a lot of good points the best I think was “We know that separating learning into discrete subjects and time blocks is not the best way to prepare kids for the real world.”  How true this really is. I use math, science, and reading together every day. 9 Elephants in the (Class)Room That Should “Unsettle” Us. (Richardson W. , n.d.)


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Digital Pictures


I loved when I did child care, we would go so many places and saw so many things.  Now days I am sure there is way too many laws to do this especially taking kids across state lines.  Go to slide show and click on start slide show.

Digital power point

Final Learning Project


Independent Learning Project Final:

Wow what have I learned, I have learned that although our laws are made with the very best intentions, they can become very flawed when implemented.  There are always good points and bad points to any law, and the process to make a law can be very slow.  There are a lot of factors that contribute to each law before it is ever implemented, and what the president is proposing can turn into something completely different in the end.  Rather like the game of gossip, the sentences may be as simple as “John has a button”, and by the time it completes the circle it can be as completely changed into something entirely different like “Joan has borrowed a mutton and lost it”.

I also discovered how lucky we are in the United States, even with all the problems, conflicts and controversy, people are trying to make it better.  Yes we have a lot of laws that need to be trimmed down, gotten rid of or changed completely but they all start with someone’s good intentions.  Yes our public schools need to change!  They are underfunded, class rooms have too many kids, mandatory testing is a joke, creativity has left the building, and many more problems too numerous to name.  But at least kids are getting an education, not going to work at age 6 so the family can survive, or sold into slavery like they an inanimate object.  So overall even with bad educational laws we are so much better off than the majority of the world, who would love to be able to go to school on a daily basis.

I really enjoyed looking into the law seeing where it began and why it was started, how it evolved and continues to evolve over time.  Is it a good law? Some parts of the law are really good, some parts are really bad, and the funding for it was pretty much nonexistent.  But it is so much better than the alternative.  I did not feel like it was work when I look into it, and although I thought it might be really boring.  I wanted to learn more and more about it and why it was started in the first place.  It was quite interesting and fun to research, so am I sorry I  researched the law, not at all.


Online tech tools



I really enjoyed checking out both Piktochart and the Canva sites.  I did follow the tutorial on both sites, making it easier to get around and to figure out what I was doing.  The above was done with Canva.  I also tried Piktochart but did not like it as will as Canva. I prefer to use Microsoft words to either of these programs, but that is most likely because I have used it for years and know how to do it without having to go back to the tutorial all the time. I had a blast with all the cartoon links my favorite of the cartoon links was Pixon!  The cartoon links were a lot easier than Piktochart or Canva to use each was well developed and easy to use. All but chogger.com you could download as an app for your phone.  Since everyone seems to be attached to their phones nowadays that is always a plus.

I can see how a teacher would be able to use any of the online sites to create posters or any other type of publishable media.  But I think especially with the younger age groups of kids, they would get a lot out of the cartoon sites.  So many kids relate to comics, so being able to make their own comics they would be able to improve writing, communication, reading and many other skills.  Today’s teacher has so many free technical ways, in which they can use to enhance their classrooms.  We live in a technical society so what ever kids can learn and utilize while they are in school will help them down the road.

I have enjoyed all the various sites and plan to use several with my business, from Facebook and Google +, which I use to advertise and reach more people.  To several graphic sites to make posters.  I will still probably use Microsoft word when I create new menus and signs for my windows, but like I said earlier it maybe more because I am already use to using it and know how to manipulate the program to fit my needs.






I have listen to Pod-Casts for several years now, and really enjoy them.  When I am driving with kids we either listen to a book on tape, an audible book or a pod-cast.  The kids favorite pod casts are Adventures in Odyssey (podbay.mm, n.d.) it is for children 8 to 12, Bedtime/Storytime (Bedtime FM Storytime, n.d.) this is more for younger kids but older kids like it too, Stories Podcast (Stories Podcast, n.d.) is older stories like Billy Goats Gruff, Elves and the Shoemaker, Snow White and the Wicked Witch and so on. On Stories Podcast the kids really liked The Magic Armor which aired in 3 Episodes.  I listen to my Pastors Sermons (Mallery, n.d.), Focus on the Family (Focus on The Family, n.d.), Serial (Serial, n.d.), and several others. Although I listen to the podcast we use though the iTune app I linked them through computer sites in case someone would like to try them out.

I think any way we can get a child interest in learning is worth trying. I think anyway a teacher is able to spark a child’s interest is worth trying.  I am sure there are a lot of disadvantages to using so many electronic in this world so there would most assuredly be some in the class room. Some of the disadvantages to podcasts are, depending on the availability and how fast the internet access is and how big the file that is to be listen too, this could make accessibility hard.  Making sure you consider all copyright issues before you rebroadcast them to the class.  Format of the podcast you want to use may be different from what is available in the classroom.

With such a wide variety of podcast available in a variety of different subjects for all ages and genders, almost anyone can find a subject that they like and can listen too. It is neat that anyone can make their own podcast, so a teacher can do a lecture or a story or anything that applies to what they are doing in their classroom, they can also teach the kids how to podcast and share their podcasts.  So overall I think the use of a podcast can be used as an advantage, when used correctly in any class.

Adventures In Odyssey

Christ Community Church Sermons

Bedtime.FM Storytime

Stories podcast

Focus on the Family  if you scroll to the bottom there are a variety of links to the various podcasts they have.


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