What is best for a child



Education oh my how it has changed over the years!  Education all started with homeschool or no schooling at all when the United States began.  It than evolved into one room school houses,

Schools that included 1st-12th,

than into schools that divided into Elementary, junior high or middle schools and High Schools

.  We than hit the controversy of desegregation and bussing of the 1950’sbus and 1960’s.  To the controversy of Home Schooling in the 1970”s and 1980’sHOme school.  Of course through it all we can’t forget to add in the wide variety of Christian Schools that there wereSaint Agnes.

So what type of education is best?  When I was in High School the school district where I lived would bus you to the closest Junior High and High School, but you were allowed to attend any school that operated within the district.  So I attended a modular school, a modular school is set up like a college with classes and free time set up in block periods throughout the day or week.  That way if you wanted to take college classes or go to the vo-tech school in the district you just arranged your schedule around it.  If your parents would rather you go to a regular school they sent you to one of them, we also had seasonal schools set up in a variety of ways, a school what was set up to accommodate those with special needs, (a special needs child could attend any school in the district, but this one was set up with physical, occupational, speech, and all sorts of other therapists right at the school every day), there was a variety of other types of schools in the district also.  Each parent could choose the school within the district that fit their child and family the best.  Now days after years of fighting the governmental institute’s homeschooling is acceptable and sometimes it is a better alternative for a family than a regular school. There are on-line schools and in several states these are offered for free just like a public school.

Logan LaPlante was allowed, through the freedom of homeschooling to be able to hack, play and embrace her education, learning a wide variety of things she never would of been able to learn in a regular public schoolHackschooling makes me happy | Logan LaPlante .  Bud Hunt in “Centering on Essential Lenses” Centering on Essential Lenses also addresses the need to expand and hack, make or play your way as you learn.

In my opinion each family should be able and encouraged to decide what they feel is the best way for their child or children to learn. A regular school, a Christian School, a home school or some other alternative.  Hopefully picking a choice that allows the child the freedom of expression and creativity in what ever they learn.  Parents now days are luckier than I was when my children were in school, with all the wide range of education choices available.


3 thoughts on “What is best for a child

  1. We are so lucky to have options, these days. Hopefully every family will consider all the options they have and stay closely in touch with their children’s thoughts and feelings throughout each school year.


  2. That is so cool that the school district where you grew up had all those options. I didn’t have those options and while I liked the schools I attended there just weren’t a lot of opportunities for activities outside of school, not including sports. I like that schools are becoming more diverse and are accommodating different students and how they want to learn.


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