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imagesThe first law recognizing the needs of students and their education was enacted in 1965 and called “The Elementary and Secondary Education Act.” (Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965)  It was introduced as part of the war on poverty by President Lyndon B. Johnson who was a former teacher.  images (2)It addressed the needs that children from low income family needed more educational help and services than those in wealthier house hold did.  It was based on the principle that a child in a low income family was more likely to succeed if they were properly educated.  It was later debated that it would only have a small impact on lower income students.  There were a few obstacles one was it would adversely affect the Catholic schools, but if both private and public schools were funded it would not be feasible.  By enacting the Law they hoped to address poverty and economic growth.  But when it came to disturbing the funds there was another conflict over who should distribute the funding the federal government or the states.  It was turned over to the states to distribute the funds.  images (1)In 1965 Head Start also started because of Lyndon B. Johnson’s war on poverty.  The act was amended in 1968 with Title VII to help schools address the children who had a limited knowledge of the English Language. Thus resulting with the Bilingual Education act.

It is amazing why a person come up with a law and finding out the reasoning behind them. Lyndon B. Johnson was because he had been a teacher and had recognized the needs of the lower income families and students. It also recognized and addressed the public verse private school issue and should it just subsidize both or just the public and consequences if it ignored the private schools.

So far this learning project has been very informative and educational, and I look forward to continuing forward with it.


Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. (n.d.). Retrieved from The Social Welfare History Project: http://www.socialwelfarehistory.com/programs/education/elementary-and-secondary-education-act-of-1965/



7 thoughts on “Update on Learning Project

  1. Very informative, Irene! When I taught in Texas, our schools were tightly run ships and everyone did pretty much the same thing all across the state with strict horizontal and vertical curriculum alignment. We had the yearly TAKS test back then (based on our standards/TEKS), comparing school districts’ scores and following students AND teachers’ performances throughout the years. Everyone hated it and teachers, students, and parents stressed horribly every spring. We had a list of “at risk” students who were REQUIRED to come in early to begin working at the crack of dawn each morning. That meant each teacher in the school was required to come in an hour (or more) early to work with these students, well before the regular school day began. Oh my, and the paperwork… Then our governor, George W. Bush, became President and along came NCLB (which seemed to make the entire country start doing what Texas had been doing for so many years). Even over 10 years later, I have had my past student’s parents text me to tell me their children’s yearly test scores. What an interesting ride it has been!


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